Special shades

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Box pleated shield
Box pleated shield 48 inches high..
Cane square shade
Square shade covered with cane material (72" x 72" x 10")..
Chinese lantern
Chinese lantern..
Custom shades
1. 36’’x 72’’x 30’’ lampshades with a 10’’custom washer 2. 36’’ diameter nomex shade 30’’ high 3..
Customer's frame
Customer’s frame covered on the inside with a parchment..
Double cylinder
Double cylinder shade..
Double deckers
Square lampshade 42x42x18, frame in square tubing..
Double lamination
Double lamination of fabrics..
Fusion Restaurant
Flame retardant material, pleated 32" x 96: High ..
Geometrical shapes
1. Steel cube covered with customer's own material (36"x36"x24") 2. Steel cylinder covered with cust..
Laser Cut
Laser cut lampshade in plastivessie ..
Leather whipstich
Square lampshade with leather whipstich ..
Locomotion gym
Locomotion gym Montreal. Long rectangular shade 120x14x16 inches ..
Organza on clear 36x36x8, with inner shade. Location San Francisco. ..
Organza on clear
Lampshade organza on clear ..
Plastivessie shield
Rectangular shield made with Plastivessie..
Pyramidal shaped
Pyramidal shaped lampshades wrapping columns 42" Width X 78" High..
Rectangular shield
Rectangular shield with box pleat, linen and silk are flame retardant (NFP 701)..
Sailboat pattern
Shade done on sailboat pattern with kevlar fabric..
Semi-cylindrical shade done in cherry wood, lacquered..
Shade in lycra
Shade in lycra ..
Shield in parchment
Shield in parchment on scalloped frame..
1. Spiral shade done in parchment 2. Spiral shade done in lycra 3. Spiral shade: Plastivessie..
Square Shade
48’’ square shade that wraps around column ..
Square shade in a circular shade ..
Steel grommets
Shade with stainless steel grommets ..
Suprina Sconce
40" high sconce made of suprina beige..
Tee Pee
Tee Pee Shaped Lampshade with hand painted motif 48" Diameter x 96" High ..
Thin Wall Sconce
Thin wall sconce with three colored bands28'' HIGH x 16'' WIDE..
Trefoil shape
Freehold racing mall, NJ shade is 48x48x21 with a trefoil shape. All metal work done in-house. ..
Various materials
1. Mushroom pleated fabric 2. Parchment shade with leather lacing (32" diameter) 3. Chintz shade wit..
Various shapes
1. Cut corner shade with metal trim. 2. Shade done in prismatic vinyl. 3. Lampshades with computer..
Wall applique
Wall applique (27x48x9)..
Wall appliques
Wall appliques done with crushed stainless steel mesh. Ceiling fixtures are done with creased mesh. ..
Wall bracket
all bracket done in square tubing (24x38x14)..
Wall suspension
wall appliqué and suspension done with crushed stainless steel mesh..


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