Carefully crafting lampshades for three generations.

The Franco family name is synonymous with quality and passion.

The Franco family has been in the business of making lamps shades since 1938. Jean Franco founded his company on Craig Street in Montreal. Faced with some difficult business decisions largely caused by the advent of World War II, he had to move premises on several occasions. He shifted once to the first floor of his residence on the corner of Garnier and St-Laurent streets, and later to the basement. It was a time of much sacrifice, and only the most motivated of people were likely to get through this period and succeed.

When Jean Franco passed away in the early 1960s, his wife Marie-Rose Gagné continued on with help from Jacques, the elder of her two children. In 1964, her younger son Robert Franco took over and ran the business until 1992, when he decided to take a pause from business life. He got a new but similar business going again in 1996, when he founded Robert Franco Inc. Today his son, Jean-Michel Franco, who joined the business in 2002, has been in charge since 2012 in the capacity of President and CEO.

Our clients: businesses like your own!

Our company produces lampshades, mainly for lamp manufacturers, but also retail boutiques, interior designers and the hotel sector. Our products are made up of 50% standard parts, and 50% custom components. There is no inventory of finished products, except on rare occasions, in which case you will find them offered here.

A lampshade dresses a lamp: a lamp with no shade is a bit like a car with no wheels – it’s not really a car. We understand the importance of quality work and a respect for delivery dates, and we strive to put everything in place so we exceed your expectations.

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It’s our family’s reputation, but just as important: a very competent team!

Attention to detail at every step of production.

Our team is enhanced by people who take quality work very much to heart. Without doubt the finest heritage of this family tradition is a tremendous team spirit coupled with a passion that is no doubt the envy of our competitors. We are proud of all our employees, from the production line right through to all those in administration and sales. As we maintain our position as a leader in the field, it’s our employees who make all the difference. They are the ones who make this goal possible, day after day.

A third generation with its vision turned far toward the future

When Jean-Michel Franco took over from his father as part of the family tradition, he knew that the rules of the game would be very different from before. In a shaky economy, with exterior markets menacing local production, there was no question of giving ground to the mass production of foreign manufacturers. To meet this challenge, clear vision was needed, along with impeccable customer service, infallible production quality and perhaps most of all, short, strictly-obeyed deadlines. To ensure timely production, we need a team that is quick on its feet and knows just how to manage a lampshade project, regardless of its size or level of difficulty. We insist on quality control in all areas. That’s why we do everything, from start to finish, to ensure the most cost-efficient production with the shortest possible deadline.

We’ve been lighting up the lives of our clients since 1938, and the future seems just as bright as ever thanks to the vision of the upcoming generation.

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