How can we keep our lampshade clean?

To begin with, you need to select a finishing material that is best adapted to the environment in which the lamp is being used.

If your lampshades are installed in commercial locations requiring regular cleaning, you will be better off using our washable materials. You can best decide by thinking about the likely degree of dust and dirt to be encountered, as well as your own rules concerning cleanliness. Our specialists can advise you in this matter.

Cleaning lampshades with fabric on styrene

To clean this type of lampshade, use a slightly damp cloth for the interior. On the outside, you should use an air blower or a vacuum cleaner, and avoid using a wet or even damp cloth. If you start mixing water and dust, this type of material will create traces that are difficult to remove afterwards.

Cleaning a washable lampshade

For lampshades in washable materials, use all-purpose cleaners with a damp cloth for the exterior.

Cleaning a softback lampshade

For softback lampshades, use a vacuum cleaner with a delicate nozzle. You should not use a wet or damp cloth on softback materials.
If you require a lampshade in washable material, visit our online catalogue and select lampshades designed for easy cleaning.

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