Here are several projects for lampshade projects both large and small!

This gallery expands regularly thanks to the inspiration of clients like you, so please submit your own project!

This is a first project we did for Ayres: lampshades incorporating mosaics

Client: Can you create a lampshade in acrylic on which we can then laminate some tiles? 

Robert Franco: Maybe not in acrylic, but in transparent plastic. We have to find out the weight of the tiles so as to build a sufficiently solid structure.

Challenge: Technically difficult, especially with respect to conception/fabrication of the metallic structure. The client was too busy to do the metal stems to hang the lamps. Finally, he only had to add the electrical wiring and glue the tiles.

    This is a second project we did for Rick Lee Design: printed lampshades.

    We had to conduct tests with different printers. The client wanted to match the carpet in the restaurant with a fabric that would allow the light to filter through.

    Challenge: The motifs in the design had to be properly aligned with the fabric during the printing process, and needed to be in a similar colour in spite of the difference between the fibres in the lampshade and the carpet.

      This is a third project we did for Alaska: oversized lampshades.

      Client: We need a lampshade 12 feet in diameter.

      Challenge: The lampshade has to fit into an 8-feet wide container, since it will be delivered to Alaska by boat and it has to meet commercial norms.

      Robert Franco: We designed it in four sections to save space during transportation. The structure and materials had to be more robust than the construction of a lampshade for residential purposes.

        Here is a fourth special project: 2-in-1 lampshade.

        Client: We want to have a square lampshade in a round lampshade. Is this possible?

        Robert Franco: Of course, when do you need it?

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